Hamilton uses Austin Powers to describe Verstappen’s dominance

Lewis Hamilton quoted from “Austin Powers: Goldmember” to poke fun at how dominant Max Verstappen is in Formula One this season.

Verstappen breezed to an eighth straight race win at the Belgian Grand Prix, one away from Sebastian Vettel’s record of nine consecutive.

Asked Sunday evening if Verstappen is having it too easy, Hamilton said: “What do you want me to say?! I haven’t spoken to him.”

“He’s having a smoke and a pancake,” Hamilton quipped, a quote from Michael Myers’ character in the movie.

Verstappen was so comfortable out in front he was able to have some back and forth with his race engineer Ganpiero Lambaise.

At one stage during a tetchy exchange, Verstappen said he might stop again to give his Red Bull team pit stop practice.

“He has all the reasons to be a little bit cheeky,” Mercedes boss Toto Wolff said when asked about the Red Bull driver’s radio messages.

“He’s just driving circles around everybody else on merit. There’s nothing else to say about that.

“We’ve got to watch that, and as much as that is annoying, that’s just above the lot.”

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