When Pathaan released earlier this year, it had not just taken a blockbuster beginning but also set the record for the biggest single day collection ever. On the national holiday of Republic Day, it had gathered a monumental Rs. 70.50 crores, out of which Rs. 68 crores were in Hindi and Rs. 2.50 crores had come from the Tamil and Telugu version. Never before in history had so much moolah ever come from a Hindi film in a single day and one wondered if lightening would ever strike twice, what with something as phenomenal as this happening again.

Jawan Box Office Prediction: Shah Rukh Khan starrer opening day targets Rs. 70.50 crores, biggest day ever of his very own Pathaan

Well, by the look of things, it could well happen yet again and that too with Shah Rukh Khan only leading the pack, what with Jawan all set to take a truly monstrous start at the box office. It’s in fact pretty much a given that the opening day record of Pathaan, Rs. 57 crores, would be surpassed by a distance once the Atlee directed action drama arrived at the big screen. In fact even Sunday score of Pathaan, Rs. 60.75 crores, is out of the equation as that mark too would be an easy kill for Jawan if the advance booking is any indication.

All of this means that the target, which Jawan is actually chasing is Rs. 70.50 crores. Of course, this one won’t be easy at all. After all, back in time it had happened on one of the biggest national holidays whereas Jawan is not just releasing on a non-holiday but even a Thursday. Moreover, when Pathaan had arrived, it was practically the only film in the running with all the screens and shows at its disposal. In case of Jawan, there would be at least a few screens/shows given to Gadar 2 and to some extent even Dream Girl 2.

As a result, while Rs. 60 crores would comfortably come in for Jawan, it’s the journey from there to Rs. 70 crores milestone on Thursday that would be closely observed.

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